Join the Computational Data Science Labs

We created the new Computational Data Science Labs (CDSL) to collaborate with industry as we work to develop software tools that support the adaptation, integration and testing of question-answering, data science, text analysis and other information-retrieval applications. 

As a CDSL member, you'll receive valuable benefits that go well beyond access to our students and faculty members. Depending on your membership level, you can receive:

  • Invitations to selected workshops or other events
  • Access to CDSL-developed software that faculty elect to release
  • The chance to recommend potential research areas and needed software tools to the lab
  • Discounts on student capstone projects
  • Reduced rates on internal training programs.
  • The ability to create student fellowships

We're excited about this new collaboration opportunity and look forward to working more closely with you. For more information on how your company can become involved, contact Krista McGuigan.