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Language Technologies Institute
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Ph.D. Program
A detailed description of the Ph.D. program in Language and Information Technologies

LTI/Portugal Ph.D. Program
A detailed description of the dual-degree Ph.D in Language and Information Technologies, in cooperation with Portuguese universities.

M.S. in Language Technologies
The Masters in Language Technologies (MLT) curriculum is targeted primarily toward a professional degree; with some modifications and enhancements, it also forms the course-based component of the Ph.D. program.

M.S. in Biotechnology Innovation and Computation
The MSBIC program is designed to educate leaders in applying software and computing technologies to create innovative solutions for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care industries.

M.S. in Intelligent Information Systems
The Master of Science program in Intelligent Information Systems (MIIS) provides advanced study and practical experience in areas of Computer Science focused on the processing and analysis of unstructured and semi-structured information, for example, text, image, video, speech, and audio information. It is a practice-oriented professional degree designed for students who want to rapidly master advanced content- analysis, mining, and intelligent information technologies prior to beginning or resuming leadership careers in industry and government.

Undergraduate Minor
The Language Technologies Minor allows CMU undergraduate students to learn about language technologies through a directed spanroject.

How to Apply
Instructions on how to complete an application to the LTI gradudate programs

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