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M.S. Degree in Language Technologies and Ph.D. Degree in Language and Information Technologies: Course Categories, Focus Area courses, and Independent Study courses

This page explains various LTI course categories. First, we explain the numbering for undergraduate and Masters-level courses. Then we list all the courses that count towards each of the four PhD "Focus Areas" (the Focus Areas are only relevant for LTI PhD students). Following the Focus Area courses we list and explain the various Independent Study course numbers.

This list includes several courses from outside of the LTI that count as LTI Focus Area classes (as opposed to electives). Further information about these courses is available on the web pages of the departments that offer them.

Depending on a student's interests, electives may be taken from the LTI, other departments in the School of Computer Science, or other departments at Carnegie Mellon or the University of Pittsburgh. Students interested in speech should consider speech-oriented electives; other areas of interest include Linguistics, Statistics, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Undergraduate courses: Undergraduate courses have numbers below 11-600. Senior-level undergraduate courses (11-4xx and 11-5xx) count for MLT graduation credit, but not PhD graduation credit.

Masters-Only courses: Masters-only courses are numbered 11-6xx, and do not count for PhD graduation credit.

Linguistic Focus
Course Title Units Semester
11-719 Computational Models of Discourse Analysis 12 Spring
11-721 Grammars and Lexicons 12 Fall
11-722 Grammar Formalisms 12 Spring
11-723 Formal Semantics 12 Fall
11-725 Meaning in Language 12 Fall
Computer Science Focus
Course Title Units Semester
11-711 Algorithms for NLP 12 Fall
11-791 Software Engineering for IT, Principles (I) 12 Fall
Machine Learning (can only count under one focus per student) - LTI PhD students must register for 10-701 for it to count towards their required 8 courses. LTI Masters students should register for 10-601.
15-750 Algorithms
15-780 Artificial Intelligence
Statistical/Learning Focus
Course Title Units Semester
11-761 Language and Statistics 12 Spring
11-762 Language and Statistics II 12 Fall
Machine Learning (can only count under one focus per student) - LTI PhD students must register for 10-701 for it to count towards their required 8 courses. LTI Masters students should register for 10-601.
15-883 Computational Models of Neural Systems
Task Orientation Focus
Course Title Units Semester
10-605 Machine Learning with Large Datasets 12 Spring
11-643 Scalable Analytics 12 All
11-731 Machine Translation 12 Spring
11-741 Information Retrieval 12 Spring
11-748 Information Extraction 12 Spring
11-751 Speech Recognition 12 Fall
11-752 Speech: PPPS 12 Spring
11-756 Design Implementation of Speech Recognition Systems 12 Spring
11-772 Analysis of Social Media 12 Spring
11-792 Intelligent Information Systems Project 12 Spring
11-797 Question Answering 12 Spring
Independent Study Numbers
Course Title Units Semester
11-910 Independent Study: Project 6-36 Both
11-920 Independent Study: Breadth 6-18 Both
11-925 Independent Study: Area of Concentration 6-36 Both
11-929 Masters Thesis 6-18 Both
11-930 Dissertation Research 5-36 Both
Note that the Independent Study courses listed above do not normally count for LTI class credit. The exception is if an Independent Study is used to replace an unavailable LTI course (with prior permission of the chair of the LTI graduate programs).
Masters students: Note that only 12 units of "Independent Study: Project" may normally count towards your total course requirements.
11-910 is used for Independent Study connected with a project.
11-920 and 11-925 are normally given a grade; 11-925 differs from 11-920 in that 11-925 is supervised by your advisor, while 11-920 is supervised by some other faculty member.
11-930 is used for a PhD student's thesis research after the thesis proposal is accepted.
Lab Courses
Course Title Units
11-712 Lab in NLP 6
11-714 Tools in NLP 6
11-723 Linguistics Lab 6
11-726 Meaning in Language Lab 6
11-732 Self-Paced Lab: MT 6
11-742 Self-Paced Lab: IR 6
11-744 Experimental Information Retrieval 12
11-753 Advanced Lab in Speech Recognition 6
11-756 Design and Implementation of Speech Recognition Systems 12
11-782 Self-Paced Lab for Computational Biology 6
11-783 Self-Paced Lab: Rich Interaction in Virtual World 6
11-785 Lab Course on Deep Learning 12
11-796 Question Answering Lab 6

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