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LTI Tech Reports and Dissertations

Technical Reports - 2012

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-13-002 Dissertation Modeling and Solving Term Mismatch for Full-Text Retrieval Le Zhao
CMU-LTI-12-017 Tech Report Noisemes: Manual Annotation of Environmental Noise in Audio Streams Susanne Burger, Qin Jin, Peter F. Schulam, Florian Metze
CMU-LTI-12-016 Dissertation Interpretation of User Comments for Detection of Malicious Websites Mehrbod Sharifi
CMU-LTI-12-014 Dissertation Discriminative Feature-Rich Modeling for Syntax-Based Machine Translation Kevin Gimpel
CMU-LTI-12-013 Dissertation Minimizing The Costs in Generalized Interactive Annotation Learning Shilpa Arora
CMU-LTI-12-012 Dissertation Multi-Task Active Learning Abhay Harpale
CMU-LTI-12-011 Dissertation Scalable Methods for Graph-Based Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning Frank Lin
CMU-LTI-12-010 Dissertation Efficient Random Walk Inference With Knowledge Bases Ni Lao
CMU-LTI-12-009 Dissertation The Geometry of Constrained Structured Prediction: Applications to Inference and Learning of Natural Language Syntax Andre F. T. Martins
CMU-LTI-12-008 Dissertation Computational Modeling of Immune Signals Ravi Starzl
CMU-LTI-12-007 Dissertation Semi-Supervised and Latent-Variable Models of Natural Language Semantics Dipanjan Das
CMU-LTI-12-006 Dissertation Detecting Translational Equivalences in Comparable Corpora Sanjika Hewavitharana
CMU-LTI-12-005 Dissertation Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Speech Processing Manas Pathak
CMU-LTI-12-004 Dissertation Modeling Relevance in Statistical Machine Translation: Scoring Alignment, Context, and Annotations of Translation Instances Aaron Phillips
CMU-LTI-12-003 Dissertation Detecting Off-Task Speech Wei Chen
CMU-LTI-12-002 Dissertation Generalized Discriminative Training for Speech Recognition Wend-Huu (Roger) Hsiao
CMU-LTI-12-001 Dissertation Dependency Structures for Statistical Machine Translation Nguyen Bach
CMU-LTI-11-020 Dissertation Active Learning and Crowdsourcing for Machine Translation in Low Resource Scenarios Vamshi Ambati

Technical Reports - 2011

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-11-019 Dissertation Statistical Source Expansion for Question Answering Nico Schlaefer
CMU-LTI-11-018 Dissertation Personalized Concept Hierarchy Construction Grace Hui Yang
CMU-LTI-11-015 Tech Report Predicting Responses and Discovering Social Factors in Scientific Literature Dani Yogatama, Michael Heilman, Brendan O'Connor, Chris Dyer, Bryan R. Routledge, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-11-014 Dissertation Leveraging Collection Structure in Information Retrieval With Applications to Search in Conversational Social Media Jonathan Elsas
CMU-LTI-11-011 Tech Report METEOR-Tuned Phrase-Based SMT: CMU French-English and Haitian-English Systems for WMT 2011 Michael Denkowski, Alon Lavie
CMU-LTI-11-008 Dissertation Federated Search for Heterogeneous Environments Jaime Arguello
CMU-LTI-11-007 Dissertation Learning Multiple-Nonterminal Synchronous Grammars for Statistical Machine Translation Andreas Zollmann
CMU-LTI-11-006 Dissertation Quantitative Modeling of the Neural Representation of Nouns and Phrases Kai-Min Chang
CMU-LTI-11-004 Dissertation Automatic Factual Question Generation from Text Michael Heilman
CMU-LTI-11-003 Dissertation A Framework for Evaluation and Optimization of Relevance and Novelty-based Retrieval Abhimanyu Lad
CMU-LTI-11-002 Dissertation Chunk Alignment for Corpus-Based Machine Translation Jae Dong Kim
CMU-LTI-11-001 Dissertation Predicting, Detecting and Explaining the Occurrence of Vocal Activity in Multi-Party Conversation Kornel Laskowski
CMU-LTI-10-021 Dissertation Learning Cellular Sorting Pathways Using Protein Interactions and Sequence Motifs Tien-Ho Lin
CMU-LTI-10-020 Dissertation Coping With Data-Sparsity in Example-Based Machine Translation Rashmi Gangadharaiah
CMU-LTI-10-019 Dissertation An Architecture for Scalable, Universal Speech Recognition David Huggins-Daines
CMU-LTI-10-018 Dissertation Modeling Content and Users: Structured Probabilistic Representation and Scalable Online Inference Algorithms Amr Ahmed
CMU-LTI-017 Tech Report Ancestry.com Online Forum Test Collection Jonathan Elsas

Technical Reports - 2010

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-10-017 Dissertation Signal Processing for Robust Speech Recognition Motivated by Auditory Processing Chanwoo Kim
CMU-LTI-10-016 Dissertation Extracting and Using Implicit Supervision to Automatically Improve Meeting-Understanding Satanjeev Banerjee
CMU-LTI-10-015 Dissertation Long Term Activity Analysis in Surveillance Video Archives Ming-Yu Chen
CMU-LTI-10-014 Dissertation Automatic Building of Synthetic Voices from Audio Books Kishore Prahallad
CMU-LTI-10-012 Dissertation Retrieval Using Document Structure and Annotations Paul Ogilvie
CMU-LTI-10-011 Dissertation Machine Learning Methods for Personalized Email Prioritization Shinjae Yoo
CMU-LTI-10-010 Tech Report ASR System Combination Techniques, Tools and Experiments Udhyakumar Nallasamy, Ian Lane, Florian Metze
CMU-LTI-10-008 Tech Report Softmax-Margin Training for Structured Log-Linear Models Kevin Gimpel, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-10-006 Dissertation Robust Long Range Iris Recognition from Video Using Super Resolution Yung-Hui Li
CMU-LTI-10-005 Dissertation Mixed-Initiative Clustering Yi-Fen Huang
CMU-LTI-10-004 Dissertation Single-Channel Speech Separation Based on Instantaneous Frequency Lingyun Gu
CMU-LTI-10-003 Dissertation Textual Inference for Retrieving Labeled Object Descriptions Alicia Tribble
CMU-LTI-10-002 Dissertation Proactive Learning: Towards Learning With Multiple Imperfect Predictors Pinar Donmez
CMU-LTI-10-001 Tech Report SEMAFOR 1.0: A Probabilistic Frame-Semantic Parser Dipanjan Das, Desai Cheny, Nathan Schneider, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-09-020 Dissertation Language-Independent Class Instance Extraction Using the Web Richard Wang
CMU-LTI-01-013 Tech Report Visualizing Topical Quotations Over Time to Understand News Discourse Nathan Schneider, Rebecca Hwa, Philip Gianfortoni, Dipanjan Das, Michael Heilman, Alan W. Black, Frederick L. Crabbe, Noah A. Smith

Technical Reports - 2009

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-09-019 Dissertation Linguistic and Semantic Passage Retrieval Strategies for Question Answering Matthew Bilotti
CMU-LTI-09-018 Tech Report Power Iteration Clustering Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-09-017 Tech Report Semi-Supervised Classification of Network Data Using Very Few Labels Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-09-016 Dissertation Rapid Unsupervised Topic Adaptation - A Latent Semantic Approach Yik-Cheung (Wilson) Tam
CMU-LTI-09-015 Tech Report Unsupervised Estimation of Classification and Regression Error Rates Pinar Donmez, Guy Lebanon, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian
CMU-LTI-09-014 Dissertation Multimedia Technologies for Landmark-Based Vehicle Navigation Wen Wu
CMU-LTI-09-013 Tech Report Question Generation Via Overgenerating Transformations and Ranking Michael Heilman, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-09-010-a Dissertation Preference Grammars and Decoding Algorithms for Probabilistic Synchronous Context Free Grammar Ashish Venugopal
CMU-LTI-09-009 Dissertation Structured Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation Ying Zhang
CMU-LTI-09-008 Dissertation Multiagent Social Learning in Large Repeated Games Hyaejin (Jean) Oh
CMU-LTI-09-007 Dissertation A General Framework for Classifier Adaptation and Its Applications in Multimedia Jun Yang
CMU-LTI-09-006 Dissertation TTS From Zero: Building Synthetic Voices for New Languages John Kominek
CMU-LTI-09-005 Tech Report Modeling Content From Human-Verified Blacklists for Accurate Zero-Hour Phish Detection Guang Xiang, Bryan A. Pendleton, Jason Hong
CMU-LTI-09-004 Dissertation Adaptive Graph Walk Based Similarity Measures in Entity-Relation Graphs Einat Minkov
CMU-LTI-09-003 Dissertation Paramor: From Paradigm Structure to Natural Language Morphology Induction Christian Monson
CMU-LTI-09-002 Dissertation Using Articulatory Position Data to Improve Voice Transformation Arthur Toth
CMU-LTI-09-001 Dissertation Genre Oriented Summarization Jade Goldstein Stewart

Technical Reports - 2008

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-08-012 Dissertation Automatic Speech Recognition on Vibrocervigraphic and Electromygraphic Signals Szu-Chen Stan Jou
CMU-LTI-08-011-T Tech Report Automatically Generating Reading Comprehension Look-Back Strategy Questions from Expository Texts Donna Gates
CMU-LTI-08-011 Dissertation Flexible Turn-Taking for Spoken Dialog Systems Antoine Raux
CMU-LTI-08-010 Dissertation Robust Model Estimation Methods for Information Retrieval Kevyn Collins-Thompson
CMU-LTI-08-009 Tech Report Products of Weighted Logic Problems Shay Cohen, Robert J. Simmons, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-08-008 Dissertation Identifying Ideological Prespectives in Text and Video Wei-Hao Lin
CMU-LTI-08-007 Dissertation Modeling Intention in E-mail Victor R. Carvalho
CMU-LTI-08-006 Dissertation Learning of Protein Interaction Networks Yanjun Qi
CMU-LTI-08-005 Tech Report SOUR CREAM: Toward Semantic Processing of Recipes Daniel Tasse, Noah A. Smith
CMU-LTI-08-004 Tech Report Learning to Extract Gene-Protein Names from Weakly-Labeled Text Richard Wang, Anthony Tomasic, Robert E. Frederking, Isaac Simmons, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-08-003 Tech Report The Multi-Rank Bootstrap Algorithm: Semi-Supervised Political Blog Classification and Ranking Using Semi-Supervised Link Classification Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-08-002 Tech Report Learning to Walk Text Networks Einat Minkov, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-08-001 Dissertation Learning the Structure of Task-Oriented Conversations from the Corpus of In-Domain Dialogs Ananlada Chotimongkol

Technical Reports - 2007

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-07-017-T Tech Report A Supervised Acoustic Model for Simultaneous Multiparticipant Vocal Activity Detection in Close-Talk Microphone Recordings of Meetings Kornel Laskowski, Tanja Schultz
CMU-LTI-07-017 Dissertation Probabilistic Approaches for Answer Selection in Multilingual Question Answering Jeongwoo Ko
CMU-LTI-07-016 Dissertation Making an Effective Use of Speech Data for Acoustic Modeling Rong Zhang
CMU-LTI-07-013 Tech Report Annotation Guide for Laughter in Multi-Party Conversation Kornel Laskowski, Susanne Burger, Timothy Notari
CMU-LTI-07-012 Dissertation Statistical Alignment Models for Translational Equivalence Bing Zhao
CMU-LTI-07-011 Dissertation Structure Learning With Large Sparse Undirected Graphs and Its Applications Fan Li
CMU-LTI-07-010 Dissertation Information Eliciation in Scheduling Problem Ulas Bardak
CMU-LTI-07-008 Dissertation Automatic Improvement of Machine Translation Systems Ariadna Font-Llitjos
CMU-LTI-07-007 Dissertation Conditional Graphical Models for Protein Structure Prediction Yan Liu
CMU-LTI-07-006 Dissertation Machine Listening for Context-Aware Computing Robert Malkin
CMU-LTI-07-005 Tech Report Recommending Recipients in the Enron E-mail Corpus Victor R. Carvalho, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-07-004 Dissertation Application of Language Technologies in Biology: Feature Extraction and Modeling for Transmembrane Helix Prediction Madhavi Ganapathiraju
CMU-LTI-07-003 Dissertation Full-Text Federated Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks Jie Lu
CMU-LTI-07-001 Dissertation Robust Speaker Recognition Qin Jin

Technical Reports - 2006

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-06-010-T Tech Report Suffix Array and Its Applications in Empirical Natural Language Processing Joy Ying Zhang
CMU-LTI-06-010 Dissertation Improving User Interaction With Spoken Dialog Systems Via Shaping Stefanie Tomko
CMU-LTI-06-009 Dissertation Optimizing Multiple Continuous Queries Chun Jin
CMU-LTI-06-008 Dissertation Probabilistic Models for Combining Diverse Knowledge Sources in Multimedia Retrieval Rong Yan
CMU-LTI-06-007 Tech Report A Log-Linear Block Transliteration Model Based on Bi-Stream HMMs Bing Zhao, Nguyen Bach, Ian Lane, Stephan Vogel
CMU-LTI-06-006 Dissertation A Probabilistic Framework for Multi-Task Learning Jian Zhang
CMU-LTI-06-005 Tech Report ARGUS: Efficient Scalable Continuous Query Optimization for Large-Volume Data Streams Chun Jin, Jaime Carbonell
CMU-LTI-06-004 Dissertation Federated Search of Text Search Engines in Uncooperative Environments Luo Si
CMU-LTI-06-003 Dissertation A Multi-Strategy Approach for Parsing of Grammatical Relations in Transcripts of Parent-Child Dialogs Kenji Sagae
CMU-LTI-06-002 Tech Report Notes on Single-Pass Online Learning Algorithms Victor R. Carvalho, William W. Cohen
CMU-LTI-06-001 Dissertation Multilingual Named Entity Extraction and Translation from Text and Speech Fei Huang

Technical Reports - 2005

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-05-197 Tech Report Full-Text Federated Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks Jie Lu
CMU-LTI-05-195 Dissertation Bayesian Graphical Models for Adaptive Filtering Yi Zhang
CMU-LTI-05-194 Dissertation Learning Transfer Rules for Machine Translation With Limited Data Kathrina Probst
CMU-LTI-05-192 Dissertation Semi-Supervised Learning With Graphs Xiaojin (Jerry) Zhu
CMU-LTI-05-191-a Dissertation Logic-Based Natural Language Understanding in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Octav Popescu
CMU-LTI-05-191 Dissertation Learning to Extract Entities from Labeled and Unlabeled Text Rosemary Jones
CMU-LTI-05-190 Dissertation Recognizing Sloppy Speech Hua Yu
CMU-LTI-05-189 Dissertation Riemannian Geometry and Statistical Machine Learning Guy Lebanon

Technical Reports - 2003

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-03-179 Tech Report FLOOD: A Planning Framework for Reasoning with Linguistic Data Curtis Huttenhower
CMU-LTI-03-178 Tech Report Cross-Lingual Event Tracking Nianli Ma, Yiming Yang, Monica Rogati
CMU-LTI-03-177 Tech Report CMU ARCTIC Databases for Speech Synthesis John Kominek, Alan Black
CMU-LTI-03-175 Tech Report Improving Speech Recognizer Performance in a Dialog System Using N-best Hypotheses Reranking Ananlada Chotimongkol

Technical Reports - 2002

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-02-173 Dissertation Risk Minimization and Language Modeling in Text Retrieval ChengXiang Zhai
CMU-LTI-02-172 Dissertation High-Performance Multi-Pass Unification Parsing Paul Placeway
CMU-LTI-02-171 Dissertation Guarded Constraints in Natural Language Processing Kathy Baker
CMU-LTI-02-170 Dissertation Recognizing Non-Native Speech: Characterizing and Adapting to Non-Native Usage in Speech Recognition Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo

Technical Reports - 2000

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-01-165-a Dissertation Growing Semantic Grammars Marsal Gavalda
CMU-LTI-01-165 Dissertation Word and Compound Clustering for Natural Language Processing Akira Ushioda
CMU-LTI-00-164 Dissertation The Algebraic Structure of Attributed Type Signatures Gerald Penn

Technical Reports - 1999

Technical Reports - 1998

Report IDsort ascending Report Type Title Author(s)
CMU-LTI-98-160 Dissertation Grammar Inference and Statistical Machine Translation Ye Yi Wang

Technical Reports - 1997