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The Pangloss Project at Carnegie Mellon University CMT

Last Modified: Sep 6, 1996

This document describes the multi-engine Spanish-to-English MT system Pangloss. The Pangloss team is distributed at three sites -- the Computing Research Laboratory of New Mexico State University, the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California and the Center for Machine Translation of Carnegie Mellon University.

The current system, Pangloss Mark III, differs from all other MT systems because it employs not a single translation engine but a set of several engines (a Knowledge Based system, an Example Based system and a Lexical Transfer system) whose results are integrated for the best overall output.

On 1/23/96 we began a pilot-project called DIPLOMAT . This is an attempt to demonstrate rapid-deployment MT. We produced a working MT system for Serbo-Croatian within days, and hope to have something actually deployed within months. Most of the rapid-deployment MT technology was developed during the Pangloss project.

It has already been shown on NBC Nightly News.

Other Sites:

  • Pangloss at NMSU
  • Pangloss at ISI

  • Papers


  • Jaime Carbonell

  • Lori Levin

  • Robert Frederking

  • Ralf Brown

  • Christopher Hogan

  • Thomas McGinnis

    Additional members of the DIPLOMATic corps:

  • Larry G. Hutchinson

  • Seth Porter

  • ``The only bad publicity is no publicity''

    As featured on the NBC Nightly News 16-Feb-96.

    As featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 19-Feb-96.

    We can take a joke.

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