Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - by Susie Cribbs

LTI Professor Scott Fahlman was recently profiled in the online publication Narratively.

LTI Research Professor Scott E. Fahlman may be known as the father of the emoticon, but his research legacy goes well beyond his smiley fame. A recent profile in the online publication Narratively delves into Fahlman's work in artificial intelligence research, what he's focused on now and where the future may lead.

"Throughout his career as an AI researcher Fahlman has worked toward revolutionizing human-computer interaction, but perhaps his most lasting contribution is inadvertently creating a pint-sized staple of digital communication. Fahlman has spent forty years trying to achieve what he once did in ten minutes: invent something useful and enduring to humanity. His smallest idea might be his biggest, but he has so many other big ideas," the story reads.

Read the full piece on Narratively.

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