Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Unpacking DialCrowd's useful functions - an Ablation Study Ting-Rui Chiang, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Maxine Eskenazi
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Auto-Generated User Profile Schemas as a Lens for Understanding Product Experience Trajectories on Reddit Carolyn Rosé, Xinru Yan, Yohan Jo
PDF icon Guideline and Flowchart for Rhetorical Structure Theory Annotation Shiyan Jiang, Kexin Yang, Chandrakumari Suvarna, Carolyn Rosé
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Architecture Quality Attributes for Knowledge Management Systems Shekar Sivasubramanian
PDF icon Expediting Support for Social Learning with Behavior Modeling Jo, Yohan, Gaurav, Tomar, Ferschke, Oliver, Rosé, Carolyn, Gašević, Dragan
PDF icon Process Model for Knowledge Management Shekar Sivasubramanian
PDF icon ReinForest: Multi-Domain Dialogue Management Using Hierarchical Policies and Knowledge Ontology Tiancheng Zhao
PDF icon Z Specification for a Knowledge Management System Shekar Sivasubramanian
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Snippet Based Trajectory Statistics Histograms for Assistive Technologies Alexander Hauptmann, Ahmet Iscen , Yijie Wang , Pinar Duygulu
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Automatic Categorization of Privacy Policies: A Pilot Study Noah Smith, Waleed Ammar, Shomir Wilson , Norman Sadeh
PDF icon Automatic gazetteer enrichment with user-geocoded data Judith Gelernter, Gautam Ganesh, Hamsini Krishnakumar, Wei Zhang
PDF icon Building Optimal Information Systems Automatically: Configuration Space Exploration for Biomedical Information Systems Eric Nyberg, Zi Yang, Elmer Garduno, Yan Fang, Avner Maiberg, Collin McCormack
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Noisemes: Manual Annotation of Environmental Noise in Audio Streams Florian Metze, Qin Jin, Peter F. Schulam
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon METEOR-Tuned Phrase-Based SMT: CMU French-English and Haitian-English Systems for WMT 2011 Alon Lavie, Michael Denkowski
PDF icon Parallelization Strategies for a Dynamic Lexical Tree Decoder Florian Metze, Matthias Vogelgesang
PDF icon Predicting FED Action From Test Noah Smith, Tal Stramer, Bryan R. Routledge
PDF icon Predicting Responses and Discovering Social Factors in Scientific Literature Christopher Dyer, Noah Smith, Dani Yogatama, Michael Heilman, Brendan O'Connor, Bryan R. Routledge
PDF icon Recall-Oriented Learning for Named Entity Recognition in Wikipedia Kemal Oflazer, Noah Smith, Behrang Mohit, Nathan Schneider, Rishav Bhowmick
PDF icon The Ancestry.com Online Forum Test Collection Jonathan Elsas
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon SEMAFOR 1.0: A Probabilistic Frame-Semantic Parser Dipanjan Das, Desai Cheny, Nathan Schneider, Noah A. Smith
PDF icon Softmax-Margin Training for Structured Log-Linear Models Kevin Gimpel, Noah A. Smith
PDF icon Tools for Collecting Speech Corpora via Mechanical-Turk Ian Lane, Alexander Waibel, Matthias Eck , Kay Rottmann
PDF icon Visualizing Topical Quotations Over Time to Understand News Discourse Nathan Schneider, Rebecca Hwa, Philip Gianfortoni, Dipanjan Das, Michael Heilman, Alan W. Black, Frederick L. Crabbe, Noah A. Smith
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Modeling Content From Human-Verified Blacklists for Accurate Zero-Hour Phish Detection Guang Xiang, Bryan A. Pendleton, Jason Hong
PDF icon Non-textual Event Summarization by Applying Machine Learning to Template-based Language Generation Alexander Rudnicky, Mohit Kumar, Dipanjan Das, Sachin Agarwal
PDF icon Power Iteration Clustering William Cohen, Frank Lin
PDF icon Question Generation Via Overgenerating Transformations and Ranking Michael Heilman, Noah A. Smith
PDF icon Semi-Supervised Classification of Network Data Using Very Few Labels Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
PDF icon Unsupervised Estimation of Classification and Regression Error Rates Pinar Donmez, Guy Lebanon, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Automatically Generating Reading Comprehension Look-Back Strategy Questions from Expository Texts Donna Gates
PDF icon Learning to Extract Gene-Protein Names from Weakly-Labeled Text Richard Wang, Anthony Tomasic, Robert E. Frederking, Isaac Simmons, William W. Cohen
PDF icon Learning to Walk Structured Text Networks Einat Minkov, William W. Cohen
PDF icon Learning to Walk Structured Text Networks William Cohen, Einat Minkov
PDF icon Products of Weighted Logic Programs Shay Cohen, Robert J. Simmons, Noah A. Smith
PDF icon SOUR CREAM: Toward Semantic Processing of Recipes Daniel Tasse, Noah A. Smith
PDF icon The Multi-Rank Bootstrap Algorithm: Semi-Supervised Political Blog Classification and Ranking Using Semi-Supervised Link Classification Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon A Dual-Use Speech CAPTCHA: Aiding Visually Impaired Web Users while Providing Transcriptions of Audio Streams Andy Schliakjer
PDF icon A Supervised Acoustic Model for Simultaneous Multiparticipant Vocal Activity Detection in Close-Talk Microphone Recordings of Meetings Kornel Laskowski, Tanja Schultz
PDF icon Annotation Guide for Laughter in Multi-Party Conversation Kornel Laskowski, Susanne Burger, Timothy Notari
PDF icon Combining Personalized Agents to Improve Content-Based Recommendations Jason M. Adams, Paul N. Bennett, Anthony Tomasic
PDF icon Recommending Recipients in the Enron E-mail Corpus Vitor R. Carvalho, William W. Cohen
PDF icon Text-to-Speech in Vocabulary Acquisition and Student Knowledge Models: A Classroom Study Using the REAP Intelligent Tutoring Sys Carol Sisson
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon A Log-Linear Block Transliteration Model Based on Bi-Stream HMMs Bing Zhao, Nguyen Bach, Ian Lane, Stephan Vogel
PDF icon ARGUS: Efficient Scalable Continuous Query Optimization for Large-Volume Data Streams Chun Jin, Jaime Carbonell
PDF icon Notes on Single-Pass Online Learning Algorithms Vitor R. Carvalho, William W. Cohen
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Full-Text Federated Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks Jie Lu
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon An Examination of Speech In Noise and its Effect on Understandability for Natural and Synthetic Speech Brian Langner
PDF icon ARGUS: Combining Rete and DBMS for Continuous Profile Matching on Large-Volume Data Streams Chun Jin
PDF icon Form-based Dialogue Structure for Task-oriented Conversations Ananlada Chotimongkol
PDF icon Integrating Tools for the Creation of Speech-Enabled Tutors Jonathan Brown
PDF icon Novelty Detection With Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machines, and Kernel Regression Yiming Yang, Jian Zhang
PDF icon Speech Graffiti: Assessing the User Experience Stefanie Tomko
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon A Prototype of an English-Polish Machine Translation System Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Anna Kupsc
PDF icon CMU ARCTIC Databases for Speech Synthesis John Kominek
PDF icon Cross-Lingual Event Tracking Nianli Ma, Yiming Yang, Monica Rogati
PDF icon FLOOD: A Planning Framework for Reasoning with Linguistic Data Curtis Huttenhower
PDF icon Maximal Lattice Overlap in Example-Based Machine Translation Ralf Brown, Rebecca Hutchinson , Paul N. Bennett
PDF icon UKernel - A Unification Kernel Alon Lavie, Benjamin Han
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Improving Pronunciation Accuracy of Proper Names With Language Origin Classes Ariadna Font-Llitjos
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Tree-Structured Chart Parsing With Left-Corner and Look-Ahead Constraints Paul W. Placeway
Technical Report Authors
PDF icon Chinese Sentence Generation in a Knowledge-Based Machine Translation System Eric Nyberg, Tangqiu Li
PDF icon Data Collection Scenarios for C-Star Travel Domain Sondra Ahlen, Brian Connelly, Michelle Corkadel , Rob Malkin , Anuj Vaidya, Rodolfo Vega
PDF icon Hypothesis Driven Lexical Adaptation for Transcribing Multilingual Broadcast News Petra Geutner, Michael Finke, Peter Scheytt
PDF icon Issues in Generating Turkish from Interlingua Dilek Zeynep Hakkani, Gokhan Tur , Teruko Mitamura, Eric H. Nyberg , Kemal Oflazer
PDF icon Speech Recognition on Serbo-Croatian Dictation and Broadcast News Data Peter Scheytt, Michael Finke, Petra Geutner
PDF icon Vocal Tract Length Normalization for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Alexander Waibel, Puming Zhan